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What is a TAD and why do I need one?

By Vermont statute you must have written permission to cross every landowners property along the trail system. To avoid each rider from having to go to each landowner for permission the statue has a provision allowing you to join a club that has landowner permissions, which in turn is part of VASA enabling you to legally ride the trail system using a TAD (Trail Access Decal).

What do I need to get a TAD?

To obtain a TAD you must show clear visual proof that you have a current state issued ATV registration.

The DMV form must clearly show the following four things.

1.       The vehicle is registered as an ATV/UTV/OHRV.

2.       The registered owners name and address.

3.       The plate/sticker number (some states only issue stickers vs plate) *temp or temporary does not qualify as a plate number.

           *If your dealer did not provide you with a plate number you can obtain a temporary plate from Vermont DMV's website.


4.       Dates showing registration is active/current.

*A current temporary registration is okay provided it shows the four criteria, including plate number.

**An online temporary registration is okay if image of owner detail page is included with application.

How do I get a TAD?

Purchasing a new TAD or renewing prior year is done thru the Join/Renewal application on the Join page of this site.

You can also purchase a club only membership or transfer a TAD from a current application to a replacement machine.


I purchased a TAD last year, how do I renew this year?

Yes TADs are only valid for one calendar year.  The application on the join page is for both first time and renewal submissions.

Do I have to join a club?

Club membership is required to obtain a TAD and is included on your annual application. The club membership fee goes to your club of choice to support trail development and maintenance.

Can I join more than one club?

Yes, you purchase a club only membership (TAD not included) on the join page of this site.

How do I know where the trails are?

We work with Polaris Ride Command to provide up to date trail info. 

It is free app you can view on your tablet/PC and your phone for real time navigation.


Trail info is also available thru local club Facebook pages, as well as the hard paper (paper) map you will receive with TAD. 

Do I need insurance to ride VASA trails?

As of 2021 liability insurance is required for all VASA trails.

A minimum of bond or a liability policy in the amounts of at least $25,000.00 for one individual and $50,000.00 for two or more individuals killed or injured and $10,000.00 for damages to property in any one accident.

Are helmets required on VASA trails?

As of 2021 helmets are required on VASA trails.

DOT approved helmet for traditional ATV (no roll cage and seat belt).

ANSI approved helmet for UTV/SxS/ATV (with roll cage and seat belt).

When do trails open?

VASA Trails Open on May 15th *Weather Permitting

Where can I park?

Trail heads are viewable on Polaris Ride Command, the hard copy (paper) map that comes with your TAD

and available on local clubs Facebook pages.

Can I use DMV Express receipt to purchase a TAD?

DMV Express receipts state that the old registration must be carried with the receipt. An image of both DMV Express and old registration is required to issue a TAD.

Does it matter which state my machine is registered in?

No, a TAD can be purchased with both Vermont and non-Vermont registrations. 

Are there width restrictions on Vermont trails?

Current Vermont statute limits legal  width to 64 inches.

Are dirt bikes/motorcycles legal to ride on VASA trails?

No, dirt bikes and motorcycles do not meet Vermont statutes definition of an ATV and cannot be issued a TAD.

Is there an age limit for VASA trails?

Minimum age to operate an ATV on VASA trails is 12, operators under 18 must pass safety certification exam.

Operators under 16 years of age must be under the direct supervision of an individual 18 years of age or older who does not have a suspended operator's license or privilege to operate.

There are no age restrictions for passengers, but helmets are required.

Where do I take a safety certificate exam?

Safety exam info is listed on under the Ride in Vermont tab of this site.


Are there RV/camping sites with direct access to trails?

You should be able to find trail availability in the area you are interested in on the ride command map.


RV opportunities can be researched thru normal channels and the local clubs may have additional info.

Club contact info is listed on our website and many of the clubs have Facebook pages as well.

Where can I see the Vermont ATV governing statues?


Can I purchase a TAD using a quadracycle registration?

No, VASA does not issue TADs for applications submitted using a quadracycle registration. Application submitted with quadracycle registrations will be held without refund.