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Joining VASA or Renewing your TAD is easy.

Preview trail system and application help info below, then click the link to purchase TAD (Trail Access Decal)


We work with Polaris Ride Command to provide up to date trail info. 

It is free app you can view on your tablet/PC and your phone for real time navigation. 

The app will allow to you preview trails system before committing to purchasing a TAD.


 *Links to purchase a TAD, transfer an existing TAD or purchase a Club Only Membership at the bottom of this page.

 Red Button for TAD purchase

 Yellow Button for Transferring current TAD to replacement machine

 Blue Button for Club Only membership



What is a TAD and why do I need one?


By Vermont statute you must have written permission to cross every landowners property along the trail system. To avoid each rider from having to go to each landowner for permission the statue has a provision allowing you to join a club that has landowner permissions, which in turn is part of VASA enabling you to legally ride the trail system using a TAD (Trail Access Decal).


What do I need to get a TAD?


To obtain a TAD you must show clear visual proof that you have a current state issued ATV registration from your state of residence.

The DMV form must clearly show the following four things.

1.       The vehicle is registered as an ATV/UTV/OHRV in your state of residence.

2.       The registered owners name and address.

3.       The plate/sticker number (some states only issue stickers vs plate) *temp or temporary does not quality as a plate number

          **If your dealer did not provide you with a plate number you obtain a temporary plate from Vermont DMVs website


4.       Dates showing registration is active/current.

**A current temporary registration is okay provided it shows the four criteria, including plate number.





2023 Trail Access Decals go on sale 12/15/2022 

2022 TAD application is no longer open thru the web, but 2022 TADs still available if needed by calling 802-477-5075

2022 TAD valid 01/01/2022-12/31/22   

*2022 TADs go on sale beginning January  2022


Please contact the office at 802-477-5075 if you have any questions. Thank you!




If you have a Vermont registration everything you need from VASA including your TAD, VASA membership and local club membership.


If you have an out of state registration everything you need from VASA including your TAD, VASA membership and local club membership. 


Click to Transfer Existing TAD (Trail Access Decal)

$20 per transfer


Click to Purchase a Club Only Membership *TAD not included go to "Purchase TAD" for 2022 Trail Access Decals

Club Only Membership $20